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Lorena Lopes Santana

With over 8 years of experience in the Web market, Lorena Lopes Santana works with a focus on what is important to you and your business! Since the concept, prototyping, development and implementation of your product on the Web.

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My focus is your business

Made to meet the various types of businesses offering sites and systems in PHP with high technology and differentiated design using a wide experience in Web technologies. Always aiming at meeting deadlines and offer good practice requirements gathering, database management, monitoring design and support throughout the development process and after delivery of the product. The way I treat customers is surely a plus. So, I provide a customized solution with current technology at the lowest cost and in the shortest time possible.

Web Development

I provide a customized solution for your site / system .All the sites and systems are made in PHP. The sites are 100% responsive, that means that it will work on any device, such as tablets and smartphones, not just computers. I use the MySQL database, to other database management systems, please send a message.

Database Management

The database is created according to your needs with a focus on the performance of your application, and always using the best practices. You can follow the evolution of your database during the development process with flows and diagrams. This is also a way to document your project. All the creation and maintenance is done by me.

Client Support

I try to maintain a strong committed relationship with my clients. Transparency is key word in my business. You will have support from the requirements gathering phase to product delivery. I use a channel where you can follow and comment on the progress of your project. I'm always willing to negotiate the best solution for your site or system, even if it flee the scope initially set. All communication is done by email, phone or project manager I use.

How i Work

I work with a predefined flow always seeking the realization of site or system in the shortest time possible. Below you can see how my work is done.


First of all, we do a brainstorming meeting to understand the specific needs of your project. After this is done a detailed analysis to ensure the best solution for the project.


With the solution defined and approved by the customer, is created every monitoring structure in the project manager system used and sets out the priorities of the tasks to be performed throughout the development. All documentation is made in the project manager used, there is also the channel where my clients can send the material to the site / system as photos, texts, etc.


This is where i get to make your project a reality! As i begin development, you can follow in real time every change. I work in a format that allows you to see the evolution of the site/system and not just at the end of the development process.


With all the site/system developed and tested. It's time to deploy in its domain. I am committed to deliver your site/system 100% running in your production environment.I deploy to your domain and install everything ready for your use!


Who i am

Lorena Santana Lopes is Computer Engineer and has over 8 years of experience in systems development area and multiplatform sites in various languages such as PHP, .NET, Lua, C / C ++, as well as development for digital TV. Has good knowledge of modeling and database design, among the most popular can say: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. Participated in several major projects in large companies such as Spyder Automobiles, Continental Tires, LM Group and ALZ Tecnologia. With great technical ability and agile experience, can carry out the development of websites and quickly and accurately systems. One of my advantages is my ability to understand people and their needs. I am the person behind all this information and keep current projects and new prospects with great enthusiasm and focus on new technologies.

Lorena Santana Lopes, Computer Engineer & Systems Analyst

Lorena Santana Lopes, Computer Engineer & Systems Analyst

Lorena Santana Lopes, Computer Engineer & Systems Analyst
Computer Engineer & Systems Analyst

I want to create trusting relationships with my customers

My mission is more than just doing business. I want to create bonds of trust with my customers.

Who i am

A person with great potential and achievements. Transparency, accountability and punctuality are my pillars.

I have only just begun but already have much to show! I have developed large projects with high technology and performance. I work in two languages: English and Portuguese and my public is not restricted only to Brazil. I accept the challenge of working for anyone anywhere in the world. I like new things and i am ready for new challenges!


What i offer

My services were designed to meet your needs and offer the best of what is in the software market!


I do websites in PHP fully object-oriented, CSS3 and JQuery

All sites are responsive and work perfectly in all modern browsers and the layout is chosen especially for you! The sites i do include several resources and implement all security parameters ensuring the reliability of your site. All content is dynamic and can be customized. Some advantages:

  • Works on any device and any modern browser
  • Full integration with major social networks
  • MySQL database
  • Made in language between the four most used in the world
  • Multi-lingual Sites


Manage your content without relying on a programmer for it!

To change the content at any time,i offer a site manager, made exclusively for your website.There you can register, add, delete, search and activate your site resources. It is developed in PHP OO and is also responsive.I can highlight the following points:

  • It is dynamic and easy to use
  • It's safe
  • It is integrated with social networks
  • It has access control


I work with the most used database Managers: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres.

I currently have used MySQL for developing websites and systems to minimize the cost of the project for my customers. But i can work with any of the above mentioned DBMS. I create all the structure as tables, procedures, triggers and functions. I work with optimize the database structure and we do the management the volume of information.

  • Monitored Databases
  • Optimized Queries
  • Design and modification of existing structures
  • Data Dictionary
  • Security for large volumes of data


I do systems for any follow-up, we can highlight the segments: Finance, Accounting, Inventory Control, Motoring,Users Control and educational systems.

The systems can be specific to an area or integrated as ERP. In General the systems are made by cadastres, Queries, management reports, export to PDF, Excel, CSV, etc. All systems are made in PHP OO and have access control with custom profiles.I work with your existing database or create a new database for you in MySQL, SQL SERVER, ORACLE or Postgres.I can make integration with various services such as lists of mailmarketing, social networks (login, feed content, etc.), by e-mail communication to major changes in functionality.

  • Custom Systems
  • Relational Databases
  • Access control
  • Logs
  • CronJobs
I do Sites
I am Agile
I Do Systems
I am a Developer
I am an Engineer
I am Reliable
I am Coder
I am Creative
I am Consultant

- Web Solutions -


How i work

After analyzing my customers' needs, my work is done in a very transparent manner. Here are some steps we follow:


If you have something and i will modify what already exists, i will research and propose the best solution for you. If not, i will use your content to create something new, fresh and great!


I will create graphical models for you to decide if my solution meets your needs or not. During the execution of this step is very important communication between the developer and the client.


From prototyping the database is carefully designed to fit yours or we do from the start fulfilling all requirements.


I develop your site in accelerated mode and publish in test environment each new feature. This ensures the success of your project and the final customer satisfaction. What is required, it is done exactly as it was intended.

Send me a message to discuss your project and budget! I am very flexible with scope and are punctual. I guarantee an optimized solution for your business on the Web.

Our Numbers

Pride Reasons



Main Skills

I am specialized in web technologies. Over the years i could put this into practice and i am able to apply this knowledge in the development of your solution

It is the main language,I work with PHP-oriented objects. I work with frameworks: Cake PHP and Zend FrameWork. I have great ease with this language and i specialize in this.

One of the database most used on the Web, i have seven years of working with this DBMS and i master its peculiarities. i currently work with MySQL 5.

One of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks is one of my specialties! Effects, asynchronous AJAX calls, validations and others. All this helps to make dynamic and interactive the solutions i develop.

What would the world be without style? Therefore, i invest in knowledge in cascading style sheets (CSS). I do and i maintain websites with the best design and adapting it to different devices and browsers.

The web is made in HTML, then this is one of the development pillars as important as the others. I follow best practices to ensure the best results and the correct display in different browsers.

Prototyping is an important channel to clarify the tasks to be performed and essential for communication with the client. I use the tool Balsamiq Mockups for creating wireframes for 4 years



Keep in Touch

Phone: 0413 366 764

7 Ascott st, Warragul, 3820
VIC, Australia

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